iPhone 5 Powered by 1GB of RAM

Apple doesn’t typically list more detailed specifications on its product pages, and the iPhone 5 is no exception. Following Apple’s Wednesday keynote, many across the internet were left wondering how much RAM was going to come packed with the device’s new A6 processor. This little detail may be one of the only things we didn’t know prior to the revealing, but it was widely assumed that Apple would continue what it did with the new iPad and give the device more RAM.

Our own forum member Tkf1 wrote up a well-sourced thread yesterday, finding that the iPhone 5 does indeed have 1GB of RAM. He cited a Samsung processor found in the Samsung Galaxy S III and compared it to the image of the A6 shown by Apple on Wednesday. After seeing the thread, MacRumors got in touch with Kyle Wiens of iFixit who has corroborated these findings. The site also cited a Samsung Product Solutions Guide (PDF) saying “The iPhone 5′s A6 part number lines up with the family of 8 Gigabit mobile DRAMs which translates into 1GB of RAM.” Hit the comments to see the full details.

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