How Could Apple Improve the iPhone?

When the iPhone was released five years ago, it played a major role in revolutionizing the smartphone industry as one knows it today. Each year, Apple makes both minor and sophisticated changes to the iPhone, although the user experience has generally remained the same. When Apple introduced the iPhone 3G, it brought faster cellular data speeds to the handset. A year later, the iPhone 3GS brought along speed improvements and a higher resolution camera.

Then comes along the iPhone 4 in 2010 with a brand new form factor and the groundbreaking, crystal clear Retina display that is now part of every iOS device. That handset was succeeded by the iPhone 4S, which last October introduced the world to Siri and included a myriad of improvements over previous iPhone models. Finally, just this week, Apple introduced the iPhone 5 as the world’s thinnest smartphone with an aluminum unibody chassis, 4-inch display, LTE and several other features. So, what now?

Each year an iPhone is released, I ask myself how Apple could possibly improve upon the smartphone with a future model. At this point, it feels that the iPhone has a virtually flawless design: it’s thin and light, has no attenuation issues, carries a smaller Lightning dock connector and, at last, supports 4G LTE networks. Moreover, the iPhone 5 has a powerful A6 system-on-a-chip, groundbreaking display technology and an improved camera. What else exactly could Apple add to future iPhone generations?

There still remains the opportunity for Apple to implement NFC technology into a future iPhone, while an even more powerful processor is always welcomed. Honestly, not many ideas come to mind at this moment for new features Apple could include in a future iPhone. So I’ll voice the question to the iFans community, asking what you would like to see in the next iPhone? Leave your interesting or creative comments below. Just kidding, I’m not Ray William Johnson. But I do approve this message.

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