iPhone 5 Fever: If You Didn’t Preorder, Prepare Your Camping Gear For Next Friday

Apple has released a new iPhone model annually for five consecutive years, most recently introducing the new iPhone 5 just a few days ago. In that time span, each new iPhone model has outsold the previous generation by a significant margin. Despite early criticism that Apple did not include necessary features in the iPhone 5 such as near-field communications, or NFC, consumer response for the new handset has been overwhelming; in fact, initial iPhone 5 pre-orders for first-wave launch countries have already sold out in just one hour, a feat that took the iPhone 4S a lengthier 22 hours to accomplish.

With shipping estimates for the iPhone 5 having already slipped to two weeks on Apple’s website, it’s unsurprising that delivery estimates through carriers Verizon Wireless, AT&T and Sprint have also slipped from the promised September 21st date to September 26th and onwards. The only remaining option to get an iPhone 5 for those that did not pre-order is to bring out the camping gear and prepare to stake out front of an Apple retail store location or other authorized reseller — think Walmart — on next Friday, September 21st, 8:00 AM local time. 

If you are preparing to spend the night outside of an Apple Store, you had better get there early. There are often very long lineups associated with a new iPhone launch and stock will be very limited for those customers that neglected to pre-order. For many, the lining-up-in-front-of-an-Apple-Store is an experience or ritual that goes along with getting the latest and greatest device from Apple. Fortunately, there will at least be a portion of people in the queue that are merely waiting to pick up their pre-ordered iPhone 5, increasing the likelihood of those without pre-orders snagging an iPhone 5 on launch day.

Have you ever spent the night outside of an Apple Store for the latest iPhone, iPod touch or other device? If you have, consider leaving your recommendations and comments for other users that might be considering camping it out for the iPhone 5. Asides from a comfy chair and perhaps some snacks and water, what else should a prospective iPhone 5 buyer bring with them on this nighttime adventure? For those who plan on camping out, let’s at least hope that the weather is fair game and you aren’t pelted with rain or subpar temperatures. Good luck.

This post was inspired by a story featured on AllThingsD by John Paczkowski.

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