Are You Buying an iPhone 5?

With the now up for pre-order, are you going to be purchasing Apple’s newest iPhone? Does the 4″ screen, the significantly faster A6 chip, and the improved screen, as well as the features of iOS 6, make it worth the money? Or will you be sitting this one out, preferring to wait for the next iPhone, or perhaps even an Android device or Windows Phone from another vendor?

Personally, I’m done with contracts. I’m seriously, seriously considering an iPhone 5, but it will have to be a little later, when unlocked versions are more freely available. If carriers start providing nano SIM cards that I can use to simply sign up for a pay-as-you-go plan, and swap in the SIM, then I’m all for it. If not, well – it’s hard to justify another subsidized price for the phone, and then literally thousands to a carrier over the two-year contract.

How about yourself? Will you be pre-ordering, or standing in line to get the device? What capacity are you going for? What carrier? Sound off in the comments!

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