AT&T, Verizon Wireless Share Policies for Unlimited Data on iPhone 5

AT&T and Verizon Wireless might have phased out their unlimited data plans quite some time ago, but subscribers that have retained their grandfathered unlimited data plans will be able to enjoy the uncapped data experience on the new iPhone 5 as well.

AT&T subscribers will receive 5GB of data over LTE before being throttled, even if the customer wants to purchase the iPhone 5 at the carrier-subsidized price of $199 and up. Subscribers must have a new Mobile Share data plan, however, to use FaceTime over cellular.

Verizon Wireless, on the other hand, no longer offers customers subsidized prices on handsets if they have an unlimited data plan. That means you’ll have to pay full price for the iPhone 5 to keep a grandfathered unlimited data plan, although FaceTime over cellular works on all data plans.

[MacRumors and VentureBeat]


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