What do you think of the new iPod nano?

With our site’s roots lying in the iPod touch, we hope you will forgive us for being so slow to acknowledge the existence of another one of today’s exciting announcements — the new iPod nano. It may not have been the highlight of today’s event, but the device is definitely a step in a new direction for what has long been one of Apple’s most popular devices.

As with most Apple device releases, it is thinner and lighter than the previous version, but the form factor has changed substantially — it now resembles a mini iPod touch. However, the new iPod nano does not run iOS, it runs what Apple is simply calling “iPod nano OS.” The theme looks to resemble iOS, but it has moved toward being more circular, including circular icons and a circular logo in the home button. The device has a plethora of more obvious new features, some of which are actually a reinstatement of previous iPod nano abilities. These include a larger, 2.5-inch display, an FM tuner, physical music controls, Bluetooth, and a pedometer.

The new iPod is only available in one size capacity, 16GB, and while this may not be a problem for most, it was nice having the option of a cheaper device in the last generation. The device comes in 7 colors, 2 more than those which will be available for the new iPod touch. It also comes with a pair of Apple’s new EarPods that we reported on earlier. Coming in at $149 it will interesting to see how well it does in comparison to the now cheaper 4th generation iPod touch available in the same capacity for $199.

Do you think this is a step in the right direction for the iPod nano? What do you think of its new form factor?


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