Hands-On Roundup: iPhone 5 “Faster,” “Solid,” and “Unique”

Hands-on reports of the iPhone 5 have been rolling in since it was introduced this morning, and the general verdict is that it is noticeably faster, with the larger screen being a welcome addition. Also receiving praise is the design: the wrap-around aluminum is helping to give the iPhone 5 a different look, and will also help to improve the strength of the device in general.


Build quality is quite nice and the solid aluminum is quite unique and quite solid. Hopefully this will reduce some damage if it falls on a hard surface.


Gripping it, your thumb is able to navigate the full length of the display without stretching, just as promised, and while it’s undoubtedly a light handset it doesn’t feel delicate.


Much like the speed increases between the iPhone 4 and 4S (and before that, the iPhone 3G vs. iPhone 3GS), they won’t take you by storm right away. But, use it for half an hour and you’ll have a hard time going back to a slower chip. The transitions are smoother, switching between apps is a bit quicker and everything just generally feels incrementally faster.


The display does look noticeably better than the 4S and the extension of the screen height seems natural.

The Telegraph also has a hands-on up now. Be sure to share any others you find in the comments!

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