iPhone 5 Event: What To Expect

It’s almost here – Apple’s press event kicks off tomorrow, and all the rumors point to a new iPhone. But what else could be announced? Hit the break to find out!


iPhone 5 - Whether it’s called the iPhone 5, or simply the new iPhone, expect a replacement to the venerable 4S to be announced tomorrow. After all, we’ve seen its hardware, we’ve had leaks of the software, and we even have see its motherboard. All that’s left is to see it powered on. The next iPhone will likely have a 4 inch display, at the 1136×640 resolution in the 16:9 aspect ratio, and will feature a “unibody” design, complete with aluminum surrounding the device’s body, leaving only the top and bottom of the back with glass.

iOS 6 - It’s been in beta since WWDC 2012, and all signs point to it having a GM release tomorrow during the Keynote. It’s also likely that one or two new features will be shown off – though that could be for the new hardware only. Regardless, expect a GM to release for developers tomorrow, and a release to the general public shortly afterwards.


New iPod touch - The current iPod touch was released in 2010. As such, it’s specs are identical to the first generation iPad, with an Apple A4 and 256 MB of RAM. Frankly, that’s anemic, and there have been multiple rumors swirling about that Apple will release an update to its premier iPod. Expect the same screen size and resolution as the iPhone 5, with similar (if not identical) specs. Oh, and please feature an upgraded camera.

Updated iPods - It isn’t just the touch that needs an update: both the Shuffle and Nano have been out since 2010, and both could use at least a small update. While the only obvious feature to add is more capacity, it seems possible that the Nano could receive WiFi for wireless syncing. Rumor has it that the Shuffle might actually be axed. As for the Classic, well… the most that I can see happening to it is a price cut. Still, though: it’s the best option for those of us with ridiculously large music libraries.

New iPod - Interestingly enough, rumor has it that there is a new iPod. Supposedly, it features a multitouch display, complete with a home button, but is smaller than the current iPod touch. It’s likely a big brother to the iPod Nano. Details are few and far between, so we’ll just have to wait and see what actually ships – if anything – tomorrow.


iPad Mini - While this device was originally rumored to accompany the iPhone 5 in its release, that doesn’t appear to be the case any longer: Apple seems to be waiting until October to unveil it, if All Things D‘s (excellent) sources are to be believed. Therefore, don’t expect to see this announced until next month, where it would likely have a Keynote presentation all to itself.

Apple TV - Neither the set top box nor the long-rumored full-size Apple television are expected to be featured at this event. The set top box was updated alongside the iPad 3, and the Apple television has supposedly been pushed back even further – if it exists.

Apple is, however, known to have surprises up their sleeves: this time likely won’t be any different. It’s unclear, based on rumors, just what might be announced. Because it is still such a mystery, it’s safe to reason that if it exists, it’s related to software. Software is the one aspect that Apple can have complete and total control over. Hardware leaks due to Asian suppliers, which are necessary to the production chain. Software, however, stays on Apple’s Campus, and can therefore be controlled very closely.

What are your thoughts? Any products you’d like to see announced? Any specific updates?

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