Zuckerberg: Focusing on HTML5 for Mobile Was a Mistake

At TechCrunch’s Disrupt event today, Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook’s CEO) said that focusing on HTML5 for mobile was a “mistake,” and that Facebook would be focusing on native clients for both iOS and Android from here on out. You may recall that Facebook recently released an update to the iOS client, which featured a major overhall of the code: it no longer relies on webviews, which were slow, laggy, and often buggy, but instead is coded natively to iOS.

Zuckerberg is also promising that Android’s official client will soon be seeing an update. The Android version has long been ridiculed in the Android community for being such a poor product: imagine the sluggishness and bugginess of the iOS client, pre-update, times three.

Regardless, good news all around for those who use Facebook on mobile devices.


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