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A little while ago, Gameloft announced that they were beginning to develop a number of games with the Unreal Engine. As would be expected, this information spread around and everyone was wondering what games would use them and how good they would be. It turns out that Wild Blood was going to be one of these. It’s a hack and slash adventure game.


The story behind this game lingers behind a king. A door. A knight. A queen. And a bit of betrayal. It’s really a cliché type of story. Knight sleeps with queen. King finds out. King gets mad. King does something in vengeance. This action is to release a door to let the demons of the dark into his kingdom to destroy and kill his bride and the knight. The downside, the villagers are also in danger.

These little critters are nothing, but you still have to put them back where they came from.

With all that said, your mission is to protect the queen, protect yourself, free the people, and slay the demons from the underground. There are monsters of every caliber, from the really easy small blood-suckers all the way up to the big fat boss with a large hammer; or even a dragon. Bosses become a decent challenge to fight, and get harder as time goes by.

Bosses come in this game, and they don’t want to go, so make them.

You are given a couple weapons to wield. On the way, you can upgrade your current weapon or even buy new ones. Skills are attached to each weapon and must be upgraded. Two skills can be equipped at one time. Damage and speed characteristics of a given weapon can also be upgraded. Each weapon, and armor, have their own little upgrades.

Weapon upgrades are available if you have the gold.

Controls are reflective of Gameloft’s control system they have been using for a while now. Onscreen buttons on the right, joy stick on the left. Drag to look around. Other little goodies have also been included for better, quicker combat. For example, double-tapping the screen turns your character around. There needs to be a quicker access to the potions though. Going through menus may not kill you, but is a hassle.

The controls are pretty good… for the most part.

Gameplay: ★★★★½


Gameloft uses the Unreal Engine to render its graphics. In a sense, the graphics look surreal. In another, you can definitely tell they didn’t push it 100%. This isn’t a bad thing, the graphics still look stunning with strong detail and clarity. They didn’t push it for a reason, stability. The game runs very smooth and doesn’t crash like the rest of the Unreal games I’ve played. I thank Gameloft for knowing their limits and abiding by them. It makes playing the game a lot easier to do when you don’t have to deal with the hassle of random crashing.

The graphics are detailed with beautiful textures and the power of the Unreal Engine drives everything forward.

Graphics: ★★★★★


Gameloft doesn’t ever skimp in this category, this game is no different. Background noises can be heard, and everything has a voice. The main character, the birds in the air, the monsters trying to rip your head off, you name it. The sword strikes, fire slams, and wailing monsters are easily heard with some additional sound effects. The end result is an action game that feels just like it should.

Audio: ★★★★★


The story will bring you a ways, there are no difficulty levels though, so there really is no reason to replay the story, unless you’re bored. The game does offer replay though. Gameloft does a nice job incorporating multiplayer into the game. Offering different modes like capture the flag and team death matches. So grab your sword, or axe and go out there and fight for your team. I wish there was an offline death match where you fought computer (for on the go).

Finished the game? Wanna’ fight someone? Now you can.

Replay: ★★★★½


The game is 7 dollars, and the price is a bit steep, but normal for a Gameloft, premium, title. That said, the game actually has plenty of worth behind it. Sure, there are things that can be refined, but they are minor at best. The game runs well, will keep you entertained, but can seem a bit repetitive. Overall though, it’s still a great value.

Value: ★★★★½

Final Thoughts

Being one of the first few Unreal games Gamelft has released, they show that they can control the power they are given. This game seems to actually have been tested on an iDevice to ensure it ran; kudos to Gameloft for that. The graphics are great, the gameplay like a typical hack and slash.

Overall Score


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