YouTube Launches on App Store

Google has officially launched a native YouTube app on the App Store, as promised, ahead of Apple removing the native YouTube app from iOS 6 when it is publicly released this Fall. The native YouTube app first disappeared from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch home screens following the release of iOS 6 beta 4, with Apple confirming that its licensing agreement with Google has ended for the YouTube app and that users can access the video service from Safari or wait until today’s App Store edition was released. Details ahead.

YouTube has been native to iOS since the original iPhone was released over five years ago, although its reintroduction on the App Store might be a good thing as I previously touched upon. At the time, I noted that the native YouTube app had limited search functionality and made it difficult to discover videos uploaded by your subscriptions; just weeks later, Google has delivered. The new YouTube app has a fresh new design, several new sharing options by Twitter, Facebook, text messaging and more, a new YouTube channel guide and drastically improved search functionality.

The new YouTube app also lets you discover tens of thousands more videos compared to the discontinued native app, but there is a catch. For people that frequently watch YouTube videos on iPhone, you might be disappointed. With the introduction of YouTube on the App Store comes mobile advertisements, inserted automatically before several of your favorite videos. So while you’ll now have access to VEVO music videos on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, it won’t be an ad-free experience. It’s a win-lose situation, but I’m sure people will be able to adapt to the ads.

[App Store via MacRumors]

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