Apple’s Yerba Buena Decorations, Hidden iOS Icons, Unveiled

Even as Apple has put the finishing touches on its Yerba Buena venue, eagle-eyed readers over at MacRumors have noticed at least one interesting tidbit about the paintings: the colorful background consists of stretched, and sometimes flipped, iOS icons.

The decorations, which Apple puts up for all of their press events, depicts a white Apple logo in front of a colorful background. It turns out that that colorful background is made up of iOS icons, some of which are fairly easy to make out – particularly the music icon, on the left of the Apple logo.

Apple’s decorations often contain hidden meanings that make sense after the release, though this particular one seems fairly obvious: vertically stretched icons would indicate a vertically stretched iPhone, which is exactly what the rumor mill has been saying the iPhone 5 will be. Rumors also indicate that the aspect ratio will be 16:9, instead of the current 3:2 aspect ratio. Again, with that aspect ratio, the OS will “stretch” vertically.

MacRumors’ member roosternugget also created the following image, which makes it even more obvious which icons are present. The icons could have been chosen for any number of reasons: perhaps Apple will be unveiling significant updates to these apps, perhaps they reveal which categories Apple will be focusing on, or perhaps they just happened to be the color palette Apple wanted to go with – regardless, the image is interesting to look at, if for no other reason than the “cool” factor of hidden images.


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