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It was regarded to be the Pokémon clone. It was said that Nintendo would have it taken down quickly after release. It was said… It was said. At first glance, the game does seem to take many roots from our beloved Pokémon that have become overpopulated (remember the original 150?). Other than the battle system and artistry though, they share nothing in common.  


The base idea behind the game can be described as follows… Take Farmville, now apply a Pokémon skin to it. You now have Little Masters. The game is a typical time-based RPG that has been made very popular. So, let’s start at the beginning, the egg.

You start the game finding an egg that you determine the fate of.

The egg contains a monster in it. Which one? Well, you choose a monster of the elements grass, water, and fire. Sound familiar? It should, as each Pokémon game starts the same way; Bulbasaur, Squirttle, and Charmander anyone?

You get to choose one of three monsters.

After this, the game steps away from Pokémon’s cliché gameplay entirely. You work breeding monsters at your home. There is no adventure, no badges, no honor. You fight monsters, and collect their eggs. Similar to a poacher. You hire people to find you monsters to fight.

Each hired person takes an amount of time to find the monster, each egg you get takes time to hatch. You can, of course, spend some gold to speed up time a bit. Additionally, you can also get some more areas to hatch eggs in your little barn for gold as well.

If your pockets aren’t lined with money, you can earn gold in the game through quests. Each quest is different and has a different payout. They range from simple things, to more complicated things. They don’t, however, include a nice adventure that a standard RPG would have. The gold payout is low though.

Quests earn you gold, they aren’t adventurous either.

The battle system is very basic. You select a monster, and start fighting the one that was found by your hired friend. Each monster has up to 4 attacks. Weaknesses and resistence is also included with battle as well. I have yet to see critical hits though. When one faints, you select another monster to come in and finish the deed. After each battle, all monsters return to full health.

The battle system is basically a mirror of Pokémon.

The game just doesn’t feel like an RPG. The time-based gameplay is really a no-go for me. If I wanted to wait an hour, I would have played mob wars. I want to go out on an adventure, explore the wilderness, and make friends (and enemies). I want to prove myself, this game doesn’t allow that.

Gameplay: ★★★★


The graphics mirrors the classic Pokémon games with the addition of color. The colors are bright, vibrant, with good contrast. Details are scarce in their 8-bit nature. They are enough to make out body parts among other things. The 8-bit graphics create a nice nostalgic feel to the game. The animations do the same thing.

The graphics are reminiscent of some classic games.

Graphics: ★★★★★


When you start the game, you are bombarded with a cheery, fun song. That song will remain cheery and fun for a little while, but then it becomes downright annoying. There are no options to shut it off either. The sound effects are abundant. Monsters sound different, attacks can be heard as well. The sound effects are nice in quality and number. The BGM can use some work.

Audio: ★★★★


This game has no main story. It has a bunch of quests, but they really aren’t quests. The game itself is the replay. To train your monsters is fine for a few minutes. It’s the wait that makes me stop playing. Let’s face it, I don’t want to pay to play. I don’t want to wait 7 minutes to battle, and I sure don’t want to wait an hour for an egg to hatch. I don’t want to blow my cash on gold that will void 1 timer either. It’s annoying, and really just unneeded. At least they have multiplayer…

There is multiplayer included in the game… Battle your friend if you play.

Replay: ★★★


The game is free, and the devs did say it was freemium. They also made a point that money didn’t need to be spent to play the game. Well, if you don’t, you end up waiting 7 minutes to battle and an hour for an egg to hatch. If you pay, it will eventually drain your wallet pretty nicely. The gameplay is fun, but it isn’t that fun; especially with the waiting and all. But hey, it is free.

Value: ★★★½

Final Thoughts

Did they steal 8-bit graphics, and a battle system from Pokémon? There is no denying they did. Did they clone Pokémon? Last I remember, Pokémon wasn’t a freemium game where you were encapsulated at home like a chained dog where you have to wait hours for eggs to hatch and battle other monsters. So no, it’s not a clone.

Overall Score


Little Masters

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