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As a kid, you dream of driving one. As an adult, you respect the driver himself. Inside the c*ckpit, you’re scared to death. This is an F1 car. Today’s F1 racers didn’t just come out of the blue though; rather, they have undergone decades of improvements. It’s not just a bigger engine either, or even faster one for that matter. The aerodynamics of the car has been improved that at top speed, it can drive upside down in a tunnel. Think of the downforce.  


Racing Legends attempts to bring you through the legacy models of F1 racing, then eventually work you way up to the current day 700 HP engines. As you drive each vehicle, you can see external characteristics that differ among the models.

There are decades of F1 race cars to unlock, so get at it.

The main gameplay is centered around a career mode. This mode really isn’t a system of tournaments and series of races. You race each track when you wish and in any given order. As you complete and win races, you unlock new vehicles and tracks. This really isn’t the true career mode I’d imagine, it’s really just a glorified arcade mode.

Racing is very simple, there are customizable control schemes, which does help out a bit. User have the ability to control their vehicle using the accelerometer as well as on-screen buttons. The controls work well for the most part with a few hiccups. One, for example, is that the left and right touch controls may be a bit too close together causing you to dart a sharp left when you wanted to go right (and thusly smash into the wall).

The controls are customizable, but still need some hammering out.

Racing in the game has a very unreal and arcade feel to it. Sharp turns that normally would result in a loss of traction and sliding across to the outside of the track are possible to do with 100% traction. Understeer and oversteer characteristics of the vehicles are non-existent. There is a surreal feeling to this game, even if it is an arcade racer. It takes lots of adjusting to the physics of the game that just doesn’t follow any natural pattern (arcade racers still follow natural patterns).

A grid of 8 cars separates you from the gold, go after them.

Gameplay: ★★★★


Three-dimensions is good… But only when it’s done right. If it isn’t done right, it’s choppy, has pixelated edges, and doesn’t look right. The graphics in Racing Legends follows the patterns of having pixelated edges. Details are all there, but the lack of anti-aliasing creates a loss of crispness and clarity to the picture. The game runs well without crashing on the device, so it’s good with stability, but frame skips are common and unwelcome.

The graphics of the game can use some improvements…

Graphics: ★★★★


The audio of the game confirms that it’s an arcade game with its cheesy sound effects. Sure, they are abundant, and do fit in. So cheesy isn’t used in a bad way here. They are, indeed, generic though. Skids and engine revs among other things are audible as well as crashes. There is a sound track to the game, but it can become trite and repetitive.

Audio: ★★★★


What happens when you beat this game? Well, there are difficulty levels in the game. They are defined in game as easy, medium, and hard. I see them defined as yourgrandmacanwindrivingspeedlimit, yourfiveyearoldwillwin, and easy. It’s just way to easy to win some of these races. I can literally smash into a wall every other lap and finish first. It shouldn’t be that way… ever. There is no type of multiplayer in the game, gamecenter is next to unaccessable. So there really is no real replay after you beat it. Sure you can beat your own times, but that’s like racing yourself; no fun.

Replay: ★★


This app is 3 dollars. The gameplay is a little under what I’d expect of a game developer to do. It could use so many improvements to it. Overall, I get the idea of rushed when I play this game. It’s a fun game to play, but the fun won’t last long. Close to 0 replay, as well as problems all around really brings down the game.

Value: ★★½

Final Thoughs

Racing Legends does what it says. It’ll bring you through the legacy of Formula One racing. It’s a great idea for an app, so I’ll give them that. It has it’s own courses, designs, and works. I said nothing about working well though, which is that little something it needs to do. A little more polishing, a little more content, then we’ll have a game that not only works, but works well. Until then…

Overall Score


Racing Legends: Speed Evolution

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