iPod touch Rumored to Receive Redesign

MacRumors is stating that they’ve heard about the upcoming changes to the iPod touch.The lineup is supposedly going to retain the 4th generation device on the low end, while the two higher-capacity devices will receive a redesign. It’s unclear whether or not the redesigned touch would have a larger screen, like the rumored iPhone 5, though it seems possible.It is also unclear whether or not the low-end iPod touch 4G will receive the new dock connector: it would be strange for Apple to not roll out a new standard like a connector without support on all new devices.

Also up for a redesign: the iPod Nano, though details are much less solid on that product. Still, it’s rumored to be udpated to include WiFi, probably for syncing and possibly even browsing the iTunes Store. Third-party apps are unlikely, to say the least.

[MacRumors, 9to5mac]

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