New iMacs Are Expected in the Near Future

Clayton Morris of Fox News has touched upon the expected refresh coming to the iMac lineup of all-in-one desktop computers, claiming that multiple sources have informed him that updated iMacs will be released imminently. Morris notes that supply of the 27-inch iMac has dried up on both Amazon’s website and at several Apple retail store locations, a common situation ahead of a new product refresh.

While Morris is counting on new Intel Ivy Bridge processors, improved graphics chips, USB 3.0 and expanded SSD capacities, which are all features that the MacBook Pro recently received, the refreshed iMacs are not expected to receive the crystal clear Retina display that Apple’s top of the line notebook now touts. Morris adds that the new iMacs will be thinner and will not come with an optical drive.

As far as a specific launch date goes, Morris speculates that Apple could debut new iMacs alongside the so-called “iPad mini” at a special media event in October. On the contrary, Apple sometimes refreshes its Mac lineup of notebooks and desktop computers quietly without any fanfare. The new iMacs might simply be added to Apple’s online website in the coming weeks without any announcement from the Cupertino-based company.

[Fox News]

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