Do You Think Apple’s Dock Connector Adapter Should Be Free?

A recent report surfaced that suggested Apple would sell an adapter for using the new dock connector with the current 30-pin dock connector. The adapter is expected to cost $10 by itself with a three pack available for $29, while the new sync cable will cost $19. With the low cost associated with manufacturing these peripherals, Apple is expected to rake in tens if not hundreds of millions off the sales of these cables.

Initially, I was quite upset to hear that Apple would be charging money for this new adapter; at the same time, I wasn’t very surprised. But that leads me to the question, do you think that Apple should include the dock connector adapter for free alongside the purchase of a next-generation iPhone or any device with a smaller dock connector in the future? Even a one-year program would suffice to help people along with the transition. Perhaps you think differently.

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