The First Apple Channel

The First Apple Channel

Craig Hockenberry,

Dear Tech Media,

While you’re looking for meaning in the shadows of an Apple press invite, you’re missing something important: Apple is producing content for its own distribution channel.

For the month of September, Apple is letting customers view live shows through a combination of apps, the web, and Apple TV. It’s the fourth year of the iTunes Festival in London, but this is the first year that it’s been broadcast via iTunes.

Fantastic points – while the iTunes Festival being streamed isn’t necessarily new, Apple is broadcasting it for the world to see. This is, for all intended purposes, the first Apple channel.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean that Apple’s ramping up its TV/set-top box plans, it does prove that Apple possesses the capability to broadcast such a high profile event to everyone with access to iTunes – a power that only a handful of companies in the world have, and most all of them are “evil” cable companies.

If, and I stress that word, Apple is to release a television set, they would need to be able to supply content with it. Regardless of how it worked with the current infrastructure of cable providers, Apple would want to have their own pipes moving content to the device – this could be them slyly showing off their ability to do so.

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