Happy Birthday, iPod Touch: You’re Five Today!

Apple’s iPhone also turned five years old earlier this year

It was on September 5, 2007 that the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs hit the stage to announce a new device called the iPod touch, essentially an iPhone sans any calling or texting options. The iPod touch is the backbone of the iFans community, which used to be called iPod touch Fans, so we’re extremely charismatic whenever an iPod touch birthday rolls around. Happy birthday, iPod touch.

The iPod touch has been through a lot these past five years, with the January App Pack, introduction of the App Store, addition of front- and rear-facing cameras, new Retina display and a jailbreaking method for each of the four generations of iPod touch models released. Apple has not updated the iPod touch in nearly two years, although the company is expected to debut a new iPod touch alongside its next-generation iPhone at a special media event on next Wednesday, September 12th.

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