Do You Think an iPod Classic Update is Necessary?

Apple has neglected to update the iPod classic for a few years, perhaps because it is too busy focusing on its three primary products: the iPhone, iPad and Mac. Nevertheless, the Silicon Valley company has scheduled a special media event for next Wednesday, September 12th to announce what is expected to be a next-generation iPhone and updates to its iPod lineup.

While the iPod touch and iPod nano appear poised for a refresh, it is unclear if Apple will decide to update the iPod classic. After all, the iPod classic has served a limited purpose ever since Apple debuted the iPod touch five years ago. The iPod classic is essentially a stripped down iPod touch that benefits only from its large storage capacity for songs and videos.

Do you think that Apple is due to update the iPod classic, or is the current generation sufficient enough? Should the iPod classic be discontinued altogether, or is there still room left in the lineup for the device? Apple has experienced declining iPod sales over the past several fiscal quarters, so it will be interesting to see what move the One Infinite Loop corporation makes to bolster that market.

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