Apple Up, Samsung Down, iOS Outgrowing Android, but Galaxy S III Supposedly Surpasses the iPhone

ComScore today released their mobile marketshare numbers, and they highlight a few extremely interesting trends for the overall US smartphone market. While Android is still on top of iOS in terms of raw marketshare (and is actually still growing), iOS is currently growing at a faster pace than Android. In terms of other mobile operating systems, Symbian, RIM, and Microsoft are all falling.

Even coming off of a major quarter and month, Samsung actually lost marketshare. The Galaxy S III doesn’t seem to have been able to stem the negative flow, as the South Korean giant lost .3% shipped devices. Samsung probably isn’t panicking yet, though – they’re still the world’s largest manufacturer of smartphones by a healthy margin.

On the flipside, Apple seems to have picked up the losses of the rest of the industry, even in a “weak” quarter with the iPhone about to receive an update, growing 1.9% from April to July.

Also of note: BusinessInsider is claiming that, for the first time since its release in October of 2011, the iPhone 4S is not the best-selling device in the US. Instead, it’s supposedly been replaced by Samsung’s venerable Galaxy S III, which shipped between April and July, depending on your country.

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