iPods to Share Stage With iPhone at Upcoming Apple Event

Reports and rumors are swirling about that Apple will be updating at least two lines of iPods (though potentially a third will also be included). According to the rumors, all of these lines come in multiple colors.

With that prerequisite in mind, it seems obvious that the iPod Nano and the iPod Shuffle are due for an update. Both received an update two years ago, along with the iPod touch, and have since remained the same. Rumors include higher capacity models for the same price, as well as potentially a larger screen for the iPod Nano.

The third potential product to be updated is the mystery card. There are rumors and renders of a larger iPod Nano, one that will feature WiFi and a home button, and have access to the iTunes stores. It’s unclear (though rather unlikely) that this rumored device will get access to third-party apps.

The other possibility for this third device is the iPod touch, another device that is obviously overdue for an update. The current touch features specs similar to the iPad 1, which is officially obsolete as of iOS 6. The rumored upgrade would include an update to the SoC, higher capacity, and potentially a larger screen to be more in line with the iPhone 5. However, in order to qualify as this third device, the iPod touch would have to come in various colors, similar to the iPod Nano.

My opinion is that Apple will unveil new models for the iPod Nano and Shuffle, and then introduce this new, larger iPod with WiFi and a home button (a lá iOS). An updated iPod touch with a larger screen, faster processor, and more RAM would then be introduced alongside the iPad mini, at an event in October.

Also, any changes and updates (a complete rewrite has been rumored) to iTunes would likely occur with the iPhone event.

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