Would You Prefer an iPhone With an Edge-to-Edge, Bezel-Less Display?

Based off rumors that Motorola Mobility is expected to announce its latest smartphone this week with a bezel-free display, one Reddit user went to the drawing board and whipped up the above concept to show what such a design could look like on the device. I personally think that a borderless display could look quite stunning on a handheld device, as it would be less distracting without a bezel and the user experience would be improved dramatically as a result.

While the next-generation iPhone is expected to have a taller 4-inch display, there has been no talk of Apple removing the bezel from the next-generation handset. That leads us to ask, would you prefer a future iPhone generation to have an edge-to-edge, bezel-less display? The iPhone has had the same 3.5-inch screen wrapped inside a bezel for over five years now, but perhaps it is finally time for something new.

[Redmond Pie]

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