Video of iPhone 5 Booting Up is Fake

Yesterday, YouTuber Headpaper posted the above video, which garnered quite a bit of attention from various websites. It isn’t every day that a prototype device is leaked to a videographer, who then is able to boot it up in to the “Connect to iTunes” screen.

Except, there’s enough evidence to easily dismiss it as fake. While the hardware seems real enough (more or less – it doesn’t seem particularly difficult to obtain enough “parts” to build the outer casing of what is assumed to be the next iPhone), the boot up sequence is almost assuredly fake – unless, of course, Headpaper is able to defy the laws of physics. But even that doesn’t cover up the tell-tale signs of After Effects.

The above is exhibit A. As you can see, there are obvious reflections in the screen at this angle. You can fairly easily make out the camera, and the wall further off in the background. So, keep this in mind. Reflections are present.

And here’s exhibit B. At 2:49, only seconds before the power button is pushed and the phone supposedly boots up, the reflections are gone. Completely. No, the angles aren’t identical, but they are close – and regardless of angles being different, light should be reflected, as the screen is glass.

But there’s more. Look closely at the screen. What’s all of that strange artifacting and compositing doing there? Sure, the video isn’t of the highest quality, but there is absolutely none of these signs displayed on the device at the one minute mark (above).

Oh, look – more artifacting. But what does that mean? Well, it’s one of the largest (and most important) signs that an image or video has been altered.

Why would someone do this? Likely, for fame. Out of the channel’s 15,029 views, 11,908 of those come from this fake video. It’s a quick ticket in to the spotlight, and even to some monetary gain.

But anyways. Busted.

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