OS X Passes Windows Vista in Market Share

The month of August included two milestones in terms of operating system market share, as OS X has finally succeeded Windows Vista in market share with a 7.13% stake over the older Microsoft operating system’s declining share of 6.15%. It’s important to note that Windows Vista was released five years ago and has long been succeeded by Windows 7, which itself will soon be supplanted by Windows 8, while the market share for OS X represents every version of the Mac operating system from Cheetah through Mountain Lion.

Windows still dominates in operating system market share over OS X altogether, with Windows 7 having finally succeeded Windows XP in market share in August to become the world’s most popular operating system. Nevertheless, OS X is catching up in market share quite fast with Mountain Lion receiving rapid adoption and already claiming a worldwide market share of 1.34%. The data by web metrics firm Net Applications also reveals that the iPhone and iPad account for 3.37% and 2.42% of web traffic respectively, while Android holds a 1.71% share.


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