No, Apple Doesn’t Hold a Patent on Pinch-to-Zoom

No, Apple Doesn’t Hold a Patent on Pinch-to-Zoom

Nilay Patel, writing for The Verge:

So let’s just be extremely clear about this: the jury ruled that 21 of 24 accused Samsung phones infringed claim 8 of Apple patent 7,844,915, which specifically covers a programming interface which detects if one finger on a screen is scrolling or two or more fingers are doing something else. It is one possible step along the road to pinch-to-zoom, but it is definitely not pinch-to-zoom itself. And — crucially — it may not be that hard to design around. Samsung may have even done it by accident: the jury examined three of its accused phones (all of which support pinch-to-zoom) and decided they didn’t infringe.

Fantastic article from a man who has a degree in law. It’s specific, yet easy to understand. The message is clear: Apple doesn’t hold a patent on pinch-to-zoom. In essence, the media incorrectly gave the idea that Apple does hold such a patent. Furthermore, Google believes that they have completely designed around Apple’s arsenal of patents in Jelly Bean, and doesn’t anticipate their stock OS to be the source of issues in the trouble – what OEMs add to the Android OS is a completely different matter altogether.

But really. Go read it.

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