What’s In Your Dock?

In the spirit of sharing the best apps, I pose the following question: What applications, henceforth known as “apps”, are so fantastic, so useful, or so central to your daily workflow that you need access to them all the time, regardless of what screen you’re currently looking at? These apps tend to represent the best of the best, as they are so superb as to warrant a spot in the dock.

Safari – Obvious pick, for obvious reasons. I can’t find another browser that bests Safari in every way. While some may be faster at rendering some pages, or some may sync everything to your computer, they just don’t meet the very high bar set by Safari.

Reeder – This is, hands down, the best RSS reader every created. This is the iPad version, but the developer has created similarly-superb apps for both the iPhone and the Mac. I own the app on all three platforms, and it has continued to best the RSS reading competition with its thoughtful, yet powerful, design, and (most of all) its lightning-quick synchronization times.

Twitterrific – It’s the original Twitter client, and I still find it to be the best. The combined timeline, which shows tweets, mentions, and Direct Messages, makes it easier to read through my Twitter feeds. The design is simple and unassuming – it gets out of the way, and lets the tweets shine.

Instapaper – If it’s longer than three hundred words, it’s going in to Instapaper. Instapaper saves articles from around the web, and allows you to read them on your iDevice. It’s hard to overstate how useful I find this app to be for the simple act of reading.

Simplenote – It’s somewhat pricey ($20 a year subscription), but Simplenote is a simple, reliable, and powerful way to send text from one device to another. The sync times are almost instantaneous, and the native app has a fantastic design.

Penultimate – While Paper might reign supreme in the world of apps for drawing with the iPad, Penultimate is the premier choice for actual notes. If I’m taking notes, for whatever reason, it goes in this. The ink software is fantastic – with my AluPen, the software is quick and accurate. In many ways, it bests even Paper, though this is obviously built for notes.

What are the apps in your dock? Sound off in the comments – try to include a description of why they have the venerable dock spot.

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