New iOS Device Accessories May Miss the Holidays

As Apple’s rumored September 12th event draws nearer (and, therefore, so does the introduction of the next iPhone), the amount of rumors swirling around the device is only increasing. One of the major changes appears to be the dock connector, which will supposedly be redesigned in to a smaller, faster port.

Apple, however, has yet to release the technical details of this new port. That means that third-party manufacturers could potentially have issues designing and producing products in a timely manner – possibly pushing new accessories so far out that they will miss the holiday season entirely.

iLounge, one of the sources of this idea, states the following:

“After nine years of steady third-party accessory growth for its devices, Apple faces a potentially serious ecosystem disruption this year, reliable sources have confirmed to iLounge. With only two weeks remaining before the expected debut of the next-generation iPhone, Apple has not offered third-party developers the components or engineering details necessary to build docking accessories for the new device—the first iOS product expected to ship without Apple’s now-ubiquitous 30-pin Dock Connector, which will soon be replaced across all future Apple pocket and tablet devices.”

It seems foolish of Apple to not share the details of this new connector with at least some of its partners – likely the larger and more successful ones. Still, this could pose a potential problem to Apple’s dominant position in the accessory market.

[iLounge via iDownloadBlog]

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