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When WebOS was released, I became really excited as it became the first real step against the iOS platform. It did something that Android didn’t, innovate. It took a design cues from Apple, make something that just works. Well, Cue comes in to attempt to be the ultimate synergy for your iOS platform. WebOS has been long gone, but this feature has been one of my favorites. Taking what you had for the day and prepping everything for you. Cue is not this, but it attempts to meet halfway. 


Cue takes it’s core feature and starts it up. I feel it’s no where near finished, but has plenty of potential. What it does is that it takes everything that’s you and merges them. Your contacts, social media, calendars, todo, documents, just about everything it can find about you and merges it into a single beautiful list for you to get a nice view of your day.

The today screen shows just about everything that you’ll need for the day.

I do wish, however, that it would support the native Reminders API. This could allow it to become that much better. To take a tip from the WebOS feature, it would also be nice to add in some maps. It knows where you need to be, and by what time. Why not make the maps I need prior to my day’s start? Nonetheless, the layout is indeed helpful if you’re on the go. They even give you sunset/sunrise times as well as high and lows for the day. It’s a nifty little touch.

Weather and sunrise and sunset times are integrated nicely into the app.

The second build in feature is the search. Searching works in a nice organized fashion sorting everything you have into nice categories of people, places, and other things. This organization is welcomed and helps plenty overall. This is definitely a well needed feature.

Search works beautifully… Most of the time.

The search works… Well, it does what I’d expect… Most of the time. One thing it has a tough time doing is merging my contacts together. I get my Facebook contact, my Twitter contact, even each of my emails. The app can’t tell that Marcus from Facebook, Marcus from Twitter, Marcus from, Marcus from Gmail, and Marcus from iCloud are all the same person. There’s more Marcus too… It’s actually quite annoying; I literally hated myself at some point.

Can you please merge all of this into one person? Thanks.

Features: ★★★★


One thing I won’t complain about is the interface. Yes, it could work a little faster, but it’s also compiling through loads of data from all over the place. There are ways to optimize speed, but let’s not dig into that; speed is usable. The UI is very beautiful and easy to use. Navigation is very simple and straightforward.

The UI is very simple and easy to use.

Graphics: ★★★★★


The app does have a nice bit of reusability. As life is dynamic, each day is different; we need an app that will keep up with us. Cue can do that. It does keep up. It syncs everything that makes you you. It does it in a nice fashion and hands it back to you organized, but only giving you what you need, nothing more. It could use some extra features (like Reminders, more synergy, etc), but in its current state, I can see this being reused over and over.

Reuse: ★★★★½


The thing is free… That’s all the incentive to get it. It takes up a whopping 15 megabytes on your iDevice. It’s a unique app with a unique feature. It’s something that I’d expect iOS to do from the start, but never did. I really can’t give any reason not to get the app.

Value: ★★★★★

Final Thoughts

Cue does something that I’ve wanted in iOS for a while. Some sort of sorting mechanism to go through the gunk of my fragmented electronic life and organize it for me in a useful fashion. That’s exactly what it does. It does a good job at it, and I see great potential in this little app.

Overall Score



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