Vapor4: Now this is a Bumper

Vapor4 May Be the First Bumper Worthy of the iPhone 4

Yeah, I’ll let you stare at that for a little bit. Back already? Ok good. Meet Vapor4, a ‘bumper’ (this should have its own category) for the iPhone 4. Made of aluminum, it supposedly fixes the iPhone’s antenna problems. The Vapor4 has an interior lining that separates the antenna from the case itself. And does it work? According to the manufacterer, their tests showed absolutely no interference with any model of the iPhone 4.

We basically wrapped it in an inch thick of anodized aluminum all around with our special secret liner inside, nothing impacted the reception.

The Vapor4 bumper case goes for $80, so it definitely isn’t cheap. But take another look at it. Yeah, it might just be worth it. More pictures and a link after the break.

And did I mention that the installation of the case involves the hex screws you see pictured above? How’s that for industrial design, Mr. Ive?


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