Flipboard Updated, Adds Curated TV Section

Even as rumors swirls that Flipboard is about to be kicked off of Twitter, an update to the app that is used by more than 20 million people has added an interesting new feature: curated videos for various topics, including science, influencer, and news.

Videos hail from multiple sources, and are simply aggregated by Flipboard and sorted in to the most popular, based on various conditions, including what’s popular with your friends (as shown by any social networks you have plugged in to Flipboard). The feature is well implemented, and shows that Flipboard is planning to only expand its influence. Already, it has the position of being one of the few apps to successfully negotiate with various high-profile magazines and newspapers, and it appears that the company is interested in expanding beyond the medium of reading.

The update is available for Android devices, and is likely either being propagated through Apple’s servers, or is in the late stages of approval. Regardless, look for it soon!

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