Google Maps Dominates US Travel Data on Smartphones – For Now

Far and away, Google is currently the top provider for mobile travel data in the US. That’s due to its placement on the two top smartphone platforms: iOS and Android. While Google has constantly been updating the Android app with new functionality, the iOS version has long been the red-headed step-child of the broken-up Apple-Google relationship from 2007.

But not for long: iOS 6 introduces Apple’s in-house (and reportedly excellent, by most accounts) solution for mapping and travel data. While it won’t be as extensive as Google’s is at first, these mapping services depend on users to improve data. This has been covered pretty extensively, but it hasn’t been widely reported that this will affect Google in a very negative way.

Google’s mapping services continuously improve in large part due to being so widely used. When nearly half of the users are removed, it will suffer. Traffic information, and especially local data, will see reductions in accuracy.


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