Will You Be Upgrading to the New iPhone?

With the next-generation iPhone reportedly just on the horizon, rumored to be unveiled on September 12th, will you be making the upgrade to the latest iPhone iteration? Based on numerous rumors and speculative reports that have been surfacing in the past few weeks and months, the new iPhone should have everything from a thinner, aluminum unibody chassis design to a taller 4-inch display and smaller dock connector.

The handset is also expected to have compatibility with 4G LTE networks, although likely only on carriers in the United States, Canada and select other countries. Moreover, there will be redesigned speaker grills, a centered FaceTime camera and possibly NFC. With the new iOS 6 software update coming in the Fall, it’s bound to be the best iPhone update — both hardware and software — that we’ve seen in the past five years.

That being said, will you be updating from your current iPhone or smartphone to the new iPhone? Apple is expected to stock the new iPhone in stores on Friday, September 21st, nine days after the handset is unveiled, but you can expect long lineups and waiting times unless you pre-order the device or order online. I’m absolutely ecstatic for the new iPhone, especially since the iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S refresh was not particularly amazing.

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