The Telegraph: ‘AirPlay Direct’ Coming this September

While AirPlay isn’t a highlight feature of iOS, it certainly is one of the most interesting. The ability to beam content from you device to your TV (via an Apple TV) has been around for years, but it’s going to be getting an upgrade, if reports are accurate.

The Telegraph reports that Apple is planning to unveil an “AirPlay Direct” feature, which will allow users to beam content from an iDevice to the big screen without joining a WiFi network.

The feature will be particularly useful for offices and classrooms, which have a TV connected to the Apple TV box, but which isn’t networked with WiFi.

The Telegraph‘s sources say that the “AirPlay Direct” name is a working title, and it could eventually just be folded under the general “AirPlay” term for the sake of simplicity.

[The Telegraph]

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