Reading List: Here’s What Else Made Headlines on August 27th

Reading List is a daily column on weekdays that provides a summary of noteworthy news and rumors not already covered by iFans on the day. Read on to find out interesting tidbits and other important headlines related to both Apple and the greater technology industry for Monday, August 27th.

Only days after the verdict, Apple has identified the specific Samsung models that it wants to pursue an injunction on. They include models of the Galaxy S II and the original Galaxy S, along with various other lower-end devices.

In hardware news, a Sony tablet was leaked that doubles as a laptop. This computer will run Windows 8, and will likely be able to take on the Microsoft Surface, as they both feature supposedly-premium materials, and top-of-the-line design. On the phone side, the supposed specs of the Galaxy Note 2 appeared in a screenshot. The monster phone will feature high-end specs, along with that gigantic screen and stylus support. Will it devour a pocket? Only time – and reviews – will tell.

In other news, iOS and Android are doing great. So great, in fact, that they are breaking records for some of the quickest adoption rates ever seen in the technology world. Much of that growth is focused internationally, as companies are pushing many of their devices heavily in other markets.

Another day, another move by Twitter to remove the influence of third-party apps. After (more or less) forcing Tapbots to pull the alpha of their Mac app, Twitter has removed the “via” line, which referred to a client. This was likely done to focus on first-party apps. In other words, Twitter believes a Tweet should be sent from Twitter – and not from a (superior?) third-party client like Tweetbot or Twitterrific.

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