Tweetbot for Mac Alpha Pulled

In order to not go over the 100,000 user token hard limit, Tapbots has pulled its Tweetbot for Mac alpha, which was made downloadable to the public more than a month ago.

Again, this change was made in response to Twitter’s controversial 1.1 API update, which features various updates that make it harder for traditional clients to exist. Everytime a client is authorized for a Twitter account, the client is given a user token by Twitter. Under the new guidelines, Twitter is allowing new third-party clients 100,000 user tokens. In other words, the Tweetbot for Mac application will be allowed 100,000 unique users. After that, the developers will be forced to “talk” with Twitter – which could be interpreted various ways.

Tapbots obviously would prefer to have a 100,000 paying customers, as opposed to 100,000 customers using the alpha. Twitter’s new policies are definitely something that third-parties need to watch, and it seems inevitable that the Twitter ecosystem will be a closed one sooner, rather than later.

Which really is a shame, in my opinion.


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