Leaked Next-Gen iPhone Hardware Points to Front-Facing NFC

As noted by 9to5mac, there has been a leak showing various chipsets on a motherboard that are purported to be for the next generation iPhone. While most are simply run-of-the-mill chips, there is one interesting note: it not only appears that the iPhone will include NFC, but that it will include a front-facing implementation of the technology.

Normally, phones with NFC (Near Field Communication, which means the device will have the ability to securely send and receive small amounts of data, such as credit card information) have the antenna on the back, or even in the battery. This means that you use the service with the back. Instead, Apple seems to be going for using it in the front, or at least making that an option. It could be that this is simply the position of the antenna, and that they’re antenna will be able to broadcast a strong enough signal that it can be picked up with any orientation of the device.

Adding to the idea of Apple using NFC in the next iPhone are various patents, and even bits of code in iOS 6 which refer to the technology directly.


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