Notified – Push Notifications the way Apple SHOULD’VE done them

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Not a lot of info yet – But it looks aesthetically AWESOME. This might be the reason to jailbreak iOS4? Click here for the website. Click “Read More” to read a Q&A session and see a bigger picture of the UI.

Source: ScribeOne on Twitter. (here’s his MTF account, nice avatar)

It looks like this is an Android-style notifications manager. You can customise how you see it by using Activator (so you can swipe the status bar, double press the home button, hold the status bar, shake your phone, etc, and it will bring it up – but this feature is only available in the $2.99 version)

There’ll always be a cheaper $0.99 version which is called “Icon Version” so it might not be as detailed as the MS-Extension version. Anyway, read on for the Q&A.

Anyway, this post is intended to answer some questions about Notified.

Q: What’s taking so long?!
A: I’m not a full time developer, I have an active social life, and I’m also studying, this is a side project I work on when I’m not too tired to.

Q: Why don’t you release what you have?
A: We won’t release an incomplete product, and releasing the icon version first, and then the MS Extension would result in pissed of people complaining about paying for the MS Extension when they already paid for the icon version.

Q: Wait, wasn’t the icon version supposed to be free?
A: It was, but with all the work Daniel and I put into it, we decided it’d be fair to charge for it.

Q: So, what are the prices gonna be?
A: It’s gonna be 99c for the icon version, and 2.99 USD for the MS extension. It’s a really affordable price for a great feature.

Q: What does the MS version have that the icon doesn’t?
A: It includes everything the icon version includes, plus the feature that you can call the window wherever you are, in a game, in safari, etc, via Activator.

Q: The screenshot says iPod, but it’s in an iPhone, are you trying to fool us? *suspicious look*
A: The screenshot was taken live from my development iPod, but was put over a screenshot of the iPhone simulator because it looks better that way. I’m sorry, but there’s no iPod simulator.

Q: What does this mean, regarding the release date?
A: It means that we are really close. We’re aiming for it to be ready with iOS4, but there are still some 4.0 bugs left to fix.

Q: It took you too long! I hate you!
A: Patience is virtue. And that’s not a question…

Q: I’ve always wanted this feature, how can I pay you?!
A: Well, it would make Daniel and I happy if you bought the app when it’s released.

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