Reading List: Here’s What Else Made Headlines on August 24

Reading List is a daily column on weekdays that provides a summary of noteworthy news and rumors not already covered by iFans on the day. Read on to find out interesting tidbits and other important headlines related to both Apple and the greater technology industry for Friday, August 24th.

You might not have realized it because of the massive Apple and Samsung trial, but Google — technically Motorola, its subsidiary — has been trying to ban imports of the iPhone and iPad in the United States for quite some time. Today, however, the ITC has denied that attempt by the Mountain View company, at least temporarily, until further investigation.

Additionally, SMS is said to be safer on Android than iOS, Apple is rumored to release an unsubsidized $200 iPhone in 2013, a former Boston University student was fined $675,000 for illegally downloading and distributing 31 songs, and Evernote for iOS received an update.

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