Proporta Leather Style Case for iPad

We’ve not had many iPad accessory reviews on the front page.. And I’ve been trying my hardest to get companies to send Multi Touch Fans a few to review… but I’ve had no luck. Fortunately, Proporta sent me their newest addition to the iPad lineup, dubbed “Leather Style Case.”

It’s not real leather, but it does look like it. The only two available colours are black and brown and it’s priced around the same as the official Apple one. The main feature is the stand capabilities, which allow you to stand the iPad up in landscape mode to watch a movie or just use your iPad on a flat surface. Protection-wise, it’s padded on both sides and the device is cradled in a protective faux-leather pouch.

One feature it lacks is a magnetic closure, but I’m not sure if that’s a fault with my review unit, or if there’s a mistake on the website (which says that there is a magnetic closure system)

A 7 minute video review is up on YouTube, so give it a watch if you’re interested in stylish and new iPad accessories. Meanwhile, I’ll be nagging more case companies to send us more review units so we can get more info to you guys!

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