Think Small

Horace Dediu: Think Small

The irony is that by thinking small, Apple became the biggest company that ever was.

The trick to thinking small is the same as that of “focusing” which means saying no, a lot. I touched on this in February 2011. Focusing is the willful rejection of the Nobel-prize winning theory of portfolios.

Horace Dediu, the famously-accurate technology analyst, on how Apple has been able to rise from a company with only 90 days worth of cash left in the bank to the largest publicly held corporation on earth.

Steve Jobs was notorious for wanting his projects to be simply, and for their designers to know exactly what they were trying to solve. By doing this, he hoped that it would remove the flaws that became obvious in everyday use. Jobs was even quoted as saying, “I’m as proud of the products that we have not done as I am of the products we have done.” Dediu argues that Apple rode the technology wave by focusing on the smallest, most integral parts of the entire process. From manufacturing to UI design, Apple was able to say “no” to everything but what they believed necessary. And while their products aren’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination, they do tend to work well, and reliably.


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