Reflecting on Tim Cook’s First Year as Apple CEO

It’s hard to believe that today marks the one year anniversary since Tim Cook was named CEO of Apple, although August 24, 2011 was in fact the day that Steve Jobs resigned as chief executive of the company he co-founded for the final time. Since then, Tim Cook has continued to lead Apple as the world’s most valuable company, introducing the flagship iPhone 4S and new iPad in last October and March respectively, while Apple stock has soared to prices of roughly $668 per share compared to $351 on this day last year.

In his new position, Cook has also introduced a brand new lineup of MacBooks, OS X Mountain Lion and iOS 6 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It’s no doubt that while Tim Cook definitely does not possess the same charismatic personality that Steve Jobs had, he has been tremendously successful at steering the ship for Apple in the aftermath of its legendary co-founder. Considering how many critics believed that Apple would begin to decline without Jobs at the helm, it’s quite remarkable that Cook was able to stay focused and keep the One Infinite Loop corporation on its path to success.

[Mercury News via MacRumors]

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