Facebook for iOS Updated, Finally Native to iOS

Until today, the Facebook mobile app was always not much more than a wrapper for for the mobile website. As most screens were actually just HTML 5 inside a webview, the app always felt slower than a native iOS app should. That changes today, as Zuckerberg and Co. have released a completely rewritten app that is faster, smoother, and more stable than its previous version.

The update also includes various new features and updates, bringing it more in line with Facebook’s recent site-wide design change (Timeline, etc.), as well as various bug fixes. The speed difference is immediately noticeable, and it’s great to see Facebook finally adding native support for iOS. Likely because of its relatively new partnership with Apple, the native update is only available for iOS at the moment. There is no word on when the Android app (which has historically been significantly more buggy and slower than its iOS counterpart) will receive the same update, though it is likely in the pipeline.


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