Firefox Home syncs your Browsing

Firefox Home is designed to be a one-way sync for your desktop and mobile browsing sessions; including the Awesome Bar, tabs, history, and bookmarks. It’s not a web browser (nor do they have plans to release one for the iPhone) but a portal to keep you connected on the go.

The app shows currently opened tabs from your desktop’s browser (a Firefox extension is needed) which makes viewing links on your iPhone much easier, as you don’t have to type in the URL. Links can be opened within the app or Safari, which makes it limited in functionality: If you open a link from inside the app, you will loose the ability to have multiple tabs or any real controls. This is similar to how RSS or Twitter apps work, and while this method is fine for those applications, it’s not the best solution for actual browsing. On the other hand, if you chose to open a link in Safari, then you will will have to constantly switch back and forth between the two, which is not exactly efficient.

It seems Mozilla is doing the best they can with the tight restrictions Apple has placed on the App Store, but I can’t see this app being all that useful for most users. Neither background syncing or multitasking have been enabled (but I would expect an update soon after it is released) which makes it even less efficient if you want to use it as a bookmark replacement. It’s essentially a middleman instead of a full solution, which is a shame.

Firefox Home has been submitted to the App Store, and will be available soon.


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