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The Olympics have wrapped up. Despite Bolt and the Jamacians dominating in the 200, and Bolt’s gold in the 100, the US went one and two in the Decathlon (Decath). Retro Decathlon 2012 puts an 8-bit spin on the grueling event that is actually 10 events long spanning over 2 days. Can you beat Eaton’s records? Or go further and destroy world records? 


Retro Decathlon 2012 takes the Decath and wraps it around an 8-bit world. This makes the graphics easier to deal with, but also gives the game a nostalgic feel to it. With that come controls unique to each event and their respective techniques.

Players are allotted a total of 10 events of the decath to practice, or compete in. All official Olympic rules apply here, so hitting your best when the time counts becomes important. All rules are enforced, so don’t jump the gun twice.

If you don’t know, there are ten total in the decathlon: 100, long jump, shot put, high jump, 400, 110 highs, discus, pole vault, jav, and the 1500 to top it off. You are awarded points for your performance; at the end of the 10th event, the person with the most points wins.

Master all 10 events and win the decath.

Different events require different attributes, and luckily, through practice, you can enhance your stats by doing certain events. For example, practicing the 100 will increase your strength over time.

Different stats are important for different events, be strong in all of them.

Controls offer a unique 8-bit feeling to them, but also add in more modern designs. Users are asked to mash buttons as fast as they can to run while other techniques are done through buttons and swipes. Generally, users will swipe through each of the techniques in a certain event. For example, the long jump has the jump, air, pre-landing, and landing phases to it. You’ll swipe with good timing through all of those to get the best jump.

The controls are very fun and intuitive in the way they incorporate the actual techniques of each event.

The gameplay overall is very fun, intuitive and competitive. So much so that he 100m runner has a good four-tenths of a second on Bolt’s 100m dash… Other problems in the game include stability issues that lead to lags that cause unread swipe. Crashing is also prevalent, I have yet been able to complete a full 10 even decath due to crashing.

Can you run a 9.26? Bolt can’t, his record is a 9.58!

Gameplay: ★★★★


The graphics in the game represent a fun 8-bit styling. I’ve always been fond of the retro designs in games. They are a rare bunch, but the graphic styling is attractive as well as fun. Detailing is shown throughout with all major parts of the track and crowd shown.

8-bit graphics bring users back to a nostalgic time of fun and glory.

There are some problems, as I feel the app has some inconsistencies. If a developer decides to use an 8-bit theme, I think the whole app should follow suit. That said, the menus are not 8 bit, neither are the buttons.

The menu isn’t 8-bit which breaks the 8-bit theme.

Graphics: ★★★★½


The audio in the game remains retro and fun. A fun game theme is cheery feel to the game at first. However, it quickly turns into an annoying little tune. Luckily you can shut it off. The rest of the sounds are actually fun 8-bit sounds that add to the feel of the game and work great with it. Little beeps can be heard with each step you take, different beeps tell you how your timing was on different parts of your technique. Starting guns can be heard too.

Audio: ★★★★½


Like real life, this game involves topping not your opponent, but yourself. This game does a good job of incorporating both into it. Leaderboards are online for both the decath and individual events for you to aim for. The game has a nice addictive quality to it that makes you come back, despite the random lags and crashes. Even through the stability problems, I find myself playing this game constantly. No multiplayer options are given; it would be nice to have BT or online competitions.

Catch up to the leaders and take them down!

Replay: ★★★★


The game is currently 1 dollar on the App Store. This is pretty dollar to spend. The game itself is well thought out and runs particularly well. The 8-bit graphics are beautiful to look at, but aren’t perfect. Minor problems in each section bring down the value of the game. However, the biggest Achilles heal is the crashing and lag I randomly run into.

Value: ★★★★

Final Thoughts

Retro Decathlon 2012 is a fun, addictive game with an intuitive design and control system. It’s realism and simulation aspects can be questioned, but the game does its best to incorporate every part of each event. The game has minor downfalls here and there, but still is one of my recommended apps, especially if you know these events.

Overall Score


Retro Decathlon 2012

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