Dallas Morning News, Gizmodo: NorthPark Center Apple Store “Most Corrupt In America”

Yesterday, Gizmodo posted a story titled “Confessions from the Most Corrupt Apple Store in America,” which described the story of “Ronald,” a not-so-friendly Apple Store Genius. Among many other interesting pursuits, “Ronald” describes his boss giving away Apple merchandise in return for weight loss programs, the regional manager giving heavy discounts to a  plastic surgeon in return for a stomach sapling procedure, and the joy of using a customer’s hard-drive as a skateboard in order to get revenge. Because of these sensational claims (and Gizmodo’s questionable history), many cried that the article was false, or at least carried uncorroborated stories that sounded to ridiculous to be true.

Well, the Dallas Morning News took the time to corroborate the Gizmodo story. The store, which was unidentified in Gizmodo’s original story, was revealed to be the NorthPark Center Apple Store, one of the company’s largest in Texas. The Dallas newspaper reports that the article is accurate, according to various sources, and that the store is in need of “a corporate culture overhaul.”

As someone who has visited this store, it’s hard to believe that this was going on behind the friendly faces of the Apple Geniuses and the various employees. On the surface, the store seems as well-run as any other Apple Store, though that is obviously not the case. Hopefully these issues will be taken care of, and pink slips will be handed out as needed.

[Dallas Morning News, Gizmodo]

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