“Genius” Ads Removed from Apple.com, YouTube

Apple’s “Genius” ads have disappeared from their official internet outlets. The commercials, which aired during the Olympics, were met with criticism from pundits and critics. The ads, the pundits argued, were beneath Apple in that they portrayed their users as being unintelligent. Traditional Mac advertisements have typically portrayed Mac users as intelligent, “cool” people.

Apple does remove older advertisements from its site, though they usually wait about two years to do so (the oldest that is currently viewable dates back to November of 2010).

There is no official word on why the commercials were pulled, and there likely never will be. It’s possible that the ads were specifically targeted for the Olympics, and as such have already fulfilled their duty and were pulled. It’s also possible that Apple didn’t like have poorly-rated advertisements featured prominently on their website or YouTube page, and decided to pull them.


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