[Review] Diacarta Daily Planner

Diacarta is a visual planner application for the iPhone and iPad created by Squnch. The app is beautifully designed, resembling an old-world map with a modern touch.

When you open the app, you’re presented with a blank clock. Hit the ‘Plus’ button, and icons of everyday tasks will pop up for your choosing. Once you pick one, you can drag it around to the correct time, or double click it to edit the details such as start time, end time, and location. Concentric circles around the clock provide an easy way to see the length of an activity, and your busy time shows up as red and free time as blue. If you click on the compass and then an icon, you can mark it as completed.

Swiping left or right goes forwards or backwards in 12 hour increments, or you can select the monthly calendar button to quickly go to a certain date. When you’re not on today’s date, a home button will appear that you can click to take you back to the current day.

And that’s all there is to it.

The app lacks power user features that others may offer like repeat events and syncing, but this app is not targeted to that audience. Diacarta it is perfect for those who just want a quick reminder of the day’s activities in a visually pleasing way, without too much fuss.


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