Apple and Samsung CEOs Have a Chat, Accomplish Nothing

As part of the recently wrapped up Samsung-Apple trials, Judge Lucy Koh insisted that the CEOs of both Samsung and Apple have at least one more conversation in order to try to settle the case. Obviously upset that the case had even come this far, Koh has been noticeably frustrated with both corporations. Yesterday, both sides reported that their respective CEOs had indeed met for one last time before the jury gave their findings. The talks were inconclusive.

A potential settlement would likely include a cross-licensing agreement, and Apple was already asking for a very high fee: $30 per phone, and $40 per tablet. Obviously, that’s quite a fee, but the agreement would have gone both ways. Regardless, it’s likely that Tim Cook wanted a deal in Apple favor (understandably, as the company is definitely pitching themselves as the ones harmed).

Since the talks were inconclusive, both Samsung and Apple presented their closing arguments today. Samsung tried to play up the idea that Apple was intentionally misleading the jury, and then wasted their last fourteen minutes explaining FRAND (fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory) licensing of patents. Apple ended talking up their iPhone, saying that “Samsung was the iPhone’s biggest fan,” and generally playing up the idea that Samsung copied their trade-dress and infringed upon Apple’s patents in order to confuse consumers.

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