Former Apple Employee Sues Company, Claims Steve Jobs Promised Him Job Security

Former Apple employee Wayne Goodrich has sued the One Infinite Loop corporation in a San Jose district courtroom for breach of contract, unfair business practices and other causes after he was discharged last December for “business reasons,” according to Bloomberg. Goodrich was reportedly promised job security at Apple by the company’s late co-founder Steve Jobs, who passed away last October after a lengthy battle with a rare form of pancreatic cancer.

Goodrich, who worked for Jobs since 1998, was promised by late chairman of the world’s most valuable company in a one-on- one meeting in May 2005 that he would always have a job at Apple, according to the complaint. The conversation took place after Jobs’s return from medical leave to receive treatment for pancreatic cancer, Goodrich said.

Goodrich, who was executive producer of Apple’s public presentations, is seeking damages for lost restricted stock units, which were worth approximately $97.40 a share when awarded in 2008 and roughly $656 as of present day. Goodrich played an integral role alongside Jobs in launching the iPad and iPhone, although it appears that his job was put into question following the passing of Jobs. The case is Goodrich v. Apple, 112cv230651, California Superior Court, Santa Clara County (San Jose).


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